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What's Theology Got to Do with It?

Session Three: The Trinity

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Here is our third conversation with Tony Robinson on his book, What’s Theology Got to Do with It? In this session we talked about the Trinity suggests some practical questions for leaders to ask about the churches to which they belong.

Four of those questions, Robinson gleans from theologian Daniel Migliore:

  • Does the congregation embody the true gospel?

  • Does the congregation embody the whole gospel?

  • Does the congregation embody the gospel for today?

  • Does the congregation’s life and practice make a difference?

And here’s a money quote from the fourth chapter:

In a religious climate marked by competing denominations and churches and a market economy that prizes developing a market niche and being “on message,” we face manifold temptations to elevate one partial truth, or one kind of faith experience, to the whole truth. Congregations and pastors are tempted to identify what makes them different or unique and stress that identity. The result is churches and ministries that are out of balance. They are less than the whole gospel.

If you’d like to sign up for future sessions, including tonight’s, you can register HERE.

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