Weddings, Wine, and Jesus
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Taylor's Tunes - The (Almost) Christmas Edition
Thank youThe work you all support is even more critical during a time when so much of the Church’s ministry has gone shuttered for almost two years and scores of…
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Have yourself a music-filled Advent with a smidgen of judgment
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The Christmas KatanaListen now (23 min) | Does Advent need to begin in the dark?
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Closing out the Church's year with the reign of Christ
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The No Show Kierkegaard Episode NOT with Dr. Aaron SimmonsListen now (31 min) |
When the Good News actually sounds like good news then it can make all the difference in the world.
Hermeneutics is back with Jesus' Temple Tantrum
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Temple TantrumListen now (34 min) | Three friends discuss John 2:13-35, Jesus’ temple tantrum.
Love, Debt, and Taglines
Will & Stanley talk the Future of MethodismListen now (11 min) |